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Our company stocks the widest variety of engineering and industrial plastics in the industry.

Our products come from a wide range of superior suppliers - well-established and respected companies, as well as some of the most innovative manufacturers of engineering plastic stock shapes on the scene today.

We have the widest variety of Engineering & Industrial Plastics in the industry - we have what you need - in stock and ready to ship quickly.

Our Products

Our company is a leading supplier and distributor of Engineering plastics and Industrial plastics in Asia. We carry a large inventory of engineering plastics and industrial plastics in plastic sheets, rods and tubing, in various strength and applications.



  • :: Plastics
    • Westlake Plastics Company (USA)
    • Nytef (USA)
    • Saint Gobain (USA)
    • Quadrants (USA)
    • Glastic (USA)
    • Corning (USA)
    • Dupont (USA)
    • Tstsunaka Plastic (Japan)
    • Takiron (Japan)
    • Sekisui (Japan)
    • Rochling (Germany)
    • Sumitomo (Japan)
    • Polymer Industries (USA)
    • Sustaplast (USA)
    • Norplex Micarta (USA)
  • :: machine components
    • Nordex (USA)
    • Vlier (USA)
    • Barry Control (USA)
    • S&W (USA)
    • Darnell-Rose (USA)
    • Avi-Bank (USA)
    • De-Sta-co (USA)
    • Tecnodin (Spain)
    • Southco (USA)
  • :: assembly tools
    • Acu-Tool (USA)
    • Plato (USA)
    • Techspray (USA)
    • Freelin Wade (USA)
    • CoilHose (USA)
    • Quicher (Japan)
    • NAC (Japan)
    • Wiha (Germany)
    • Sipel (Switzerland)


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